Our Story

Our work is our passion.

All of us here at STEAMrising have always had a passion for sharing the joys of STEAM with our community. As teachers and professionals with STEAM careers, we recognize how important the field is to success, and love to see the newfound skills and confidence it gives students. You’ll see our passion in all of our work, from creating projects for students to build on their own, to coming directly to schools to ensure these opportunities are available to all students in all corners of the community.

STEAM is a concept that combines elements of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics with principles of the Arts. This combination of topics gives students the opportunity to approach problems from fresh and innovative perspectives and positions them for successful careers in any of these areas as they advance.

Let us share our passion with you and your students, and together we’ll give all students the tools for their success!

Our team

Holly Marshall

Founder and President

With 17 + years as an educator, I continue to have a love for teaching and inspiring our future leaders to strive for greatness. I feel so passionately about bringing STEAM education into classrooms, that I decided to create STEAMrising and devote myself to bringing the organization to our communities. The STEAM core components are so important for growth and critical-thinking development that I want to be sure that our youth get the opportunity to collaborate creatively on project-based learning projects.

Aaron Roth


Having multiple leadership roles in the tech sector has given me a firm understanding of the importance of applied science in education. Providing STEAM education to our community is very important to me as these skills are no longer a luxury but a necessity for our children. I am proud to serve on the STEAMrising board, knowing that we provide a wide range of experiences and skills that develop well-rounded future leaders in our community.

Joel Anderson

Board Director

I’m a Computer Engineer with a passion for using STEAM to create and inspire. I love sharing my passion with others by creating hands-on projects for others to build, making opportunities for newcomers to contribute to Free and Open Source Software projects, and judging science fairs. I believe that the best way to inspire the next generation of STEAM creators is by sharing the excitement and sense of accomplishment of STEAM with them at an early age, and that’s exactly what STEAMrising does!

Violet Anderson


Having worked in administration at the university level for 20 years, I recognize value in bringing tangible, engaging opportunities to children at an early age and throughout their young academic careers. Making STEAM subjects accessible and relatable to all our young communities is an essential component of developing the diverse minds we hope will fill upper academia and collaborate in addressing our future needs. 

Amity Allman

Board Director

I am an educator with a passion for innovative and creative learning experiences who has served students for over 15 years. I believe combining natural curiosity with hands-on opportunities is the best way to engage young learners and empower them to explore the world around them. STEAM education opens doors for all children to experience meaningful and memorable learning.  



Like most Octopods, I’m playful and curious, making me a perfect fit for all things STEAM. I help make challenging concepts more approachable. We can have fun while we learn! Discover how you can help us bring STEAM learning to all!

Help us share our passion for STEAM learning.